Welcome to Oakland's

Ladybug Hotel

This winter, why not shell out for something special?
The Hotel
Stay at a rustic high-rise in an urban forest. Hidden among towering trees and horsetail ferns, it's the perfect spot for overwintering orgies.
The Clientèle
Most of our guests are Hippodamia Convergens (Convergent Ladybugs). We also board Seven, Nine and No-Spotted Ladybugs!
The Caretaker
Jeremy Brautman is a copywriter by day and a nemophilist by nature. He literally stumbled into this caretaker gig. It brings him great joy.

Our Rooms Have Michelin SPOTS

We recently upgraded all of our rooms from ultra-modern, transparent PVC to locally harvested sustainable wood.
  • Ladybug Hotel Capsule

    This bamboo boudoir is in the quiet zone, making it ideal for writing your next masterpiece, Mr. Kafka.

  • Ladybug Hotel Duplex

    Japanese minimalism meets Swiss sustainability. Bunk up and bug out for close encounters!

  • Ladybug Hotel Hospitality Suite

    Our massive ensuite also has a soaking tub for good times with a few hundred close friends.

  • Ladybug Hotel Penthouse

    Enjoy sweeping views and carnal pleasures high atop the Ladybug Hotel. Raise the roof, baller.

  • Ladybug Hotel Tepee

    Lean-two? More like lean-two-hundred! Sleep under the stars, mingle and mate.

  • Ladybug Hotel Clamshell

    Though inspired by Botticelli, there's nothing 'neoplatonic' about this room. Oh, behave! (Or not.)

  • Ladybug Hotel Loveshack

    A slice of Silicon Valley amid Oakland Redwoods? You're not barking up the wrong tree.

  • Ladybug Hotel Mushroom with a View

    Need to unwind after a long trip? Looking for a fungi? This panoramic room is pure magic.

Amenities to Bug Out About

Keep warm and carry on (making baby ladybugs). We'll take care of everything else.

Virtual Tour

Please enjoy this live feed from The Suite! More videos to come.


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